Training (トレーニング) is a game mechanic that allows the player to train their princes to become stronger without having to run a battle. Training requires a Base and at least one Training Partner.

IMG 2065-1-

Training screen. The Base Prince is shown at the left side, the EXP point bar is at the center, and the training partner is at the bottom.

Training a Prince

The Training screen can be accessed through the Prince (王子) tab and the player should tap at the Training (トレーニング) button at the left-hand side of the screen to bring the Training screen.

Training princes require a Base, which is the prince the player wants to train and at least one Training Partner. The player may choose up to ten Training Partners. The amount of EXP is accumulated as the player uses more training partners, which means more training partners will give the prince more EXP.


Training a prince with training partner of the same attribute will give a prince bonus EXP. Training a prince with a duplicate of the prince will raise his Affection and may raise his Skill level, therefore reducing the amount of pieces required to activate his Battle Skill.

EXP Given

Data is taken from JP wiki[1]

Name EXP Given (Same Type) EXP Given (Different Type)
Rookie Training Partner 450 300
Elite Training Partner 3,000 2,000
Expert Training Partner 15,000 10,000
Master Training Partner 75,000 50,000
Legend Training Partner 225,000 150,000
Level 1 1★ Prince 150 100
Level 1 2★ Prince 300 200
Level 1 3★ Prince 750 500
Level 1 4★ Prince 1,500 1,000
Level 1 5★ Prince 3,750 2,500
Fairy Baby 300 200
Fairy Lady 1,500 1,000
Sun / Moon Fairy 750 500
Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen 2,250 1,500
Grimoires 300 200
Mini Gold 750 500
Medium Gold 1,500 1,000
Grandy Gold 2,250 1,500

Training Tips

While it is ultimately up to the players how to train their princes, below are some useful tips:

  • Don't hesitate to use high-rarity Training Partners in one go. Using them will allow the princes to gain level even faster without having to spend too much gold to train them.
  • If you ever find yourself running out of Training Partners, you can gather them in the Training Quest that is available for an hour every day through several times of the day (all times are in JST): 12:00, 18:00, 22:00. The Training Quest every day will feature different attributes, however at Sundays, the quest Training with Everyone (みんなでトレーニング) will allow you to obtain Training Partners with different attributes.