Medi 「メディ」(CV. Masuyama Takeaki) – Freshian Prince (Land of Fine Arts)

Narcissist with an artistic taste. He thinks highly of his aesthetic sense but in actual fact he easily gets disheartened when his art gets criticised by people.

Motto: Spread my aesthetic sense throughout the world
Hobby: Painting
Habit: Pushing his fringe up with one hand
Likes: Beautiful things (including himself)
Dislikes: Things that aren't beautiful

How to Acquire

  • During tutorial
  • Friend Coin Gacha


Type Sexy
Cost 1
Max Level 15
Limit Break Level 35
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 124 75 90
Max 345 142 206
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Behold my art!
Effect Recovers 300 HP

Type Sexy
Rarity ★★
Cost 2
Max Level 50
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 311 135 195
Max 476 196 321
Limit Break 571 235 385
Battle Skill Name I shall give you a sculpture of me!
Effect Recovers 400 HP

Type Sexy
Rarity ★★
Cost 2
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 311 135 195
Max 518 188 308
Limit Break 622 226 370
Battle Skill Name I'll paint a picture of you!
Effect Recovers 400 HP

Awakening Requirements

Fairies Fairy baby (purple) x 1
Gold 2,500

Fairies Fairy baby (purple) x 1
Gold 2,500



You were invited to Freshian by Medi who is a lover of fine arts. After a shocking reunion, what will you do when faced with Medi's...unique works of art?

Chapter Titles
Route Level Unlocked Title
Common 1 Fine Arts...?
10 Before the Fireplace
15 Designer?
Sun 1 Sparkling Eyes
30 I Gave Up
Moon 1 Lost For Words
30 Of Little Concern


Title Japanese English Change
Before the Fireplace 余計なことを言ってごめんなさい I'm sorry for saying unnecessary things Moon +2
残っているかも It might still be there Sun +2
Designer? ありがとうございます Thank you very much Sun +3
大事にしまっておきます I'll put it away safely Moon +3
…… …… Sun +4
大事な日の為に取っておく I'll save it for an important day Moon +4


Top Page
Japanese English
Initial 芸術とは、すなわちボクのことさ! A work of art, in other words means me!
キミとボクは、芸術そのものになるんだ… You and I will become a work of art...
Sun キミと一緒なら、ボクは芸術を極められる! If it is with you, I will be able to master the fine arts!
この、芸術感覚を共有できるのは…キミだけだよ! The only person I can share this artistic sense you!
Moon …!キミは…自分の美しさを、もっと理解すべきだ! ...! You...must understand your own beauty even more!
キミこそ芸術の至高のテーマ!さあボクにその美しい顔をもっと見せておくれ! You are the supreme theme for fine arts! Now let me take an even better look at that beautiful face!
Morning おはよう!今日も、素晴らしい芸術日和だね! Morning! Today's yet another gorgeous day for arts!
Midday もうこんな時間かい?キミと芸術について語ると、あっという間さ Is it already halfway through the day? When I talk of arts with you time just flies by.
Night んん~…夜のボクも、素敵過ぎて困っちゃうね。もちろんキミもね! Mmm~... The me during the night is too beautiful it's troubling. Of course you are too!
Prince Top Page
Japanese English
こんなに美しくて、ボク大丈夫かな…なんて罪なんだ! I'm so beautiful I wonder if I'll be alright... Oh what a sin!
Team Creation
Japanese English
彼らはボクのモデル達かな? Are they perhaps my models?
Status Page
Japanese English
Initial なんだい?心配しなくても、キミは美しいよ What is it? You don't have to worry, you are lovely
Sun そ、そんなにボクのことが知りたいのかい? D-Do you want to get to know me so much?
Moon 芸術の神様が、ボクを試しているのだろうか…! Is the God of Fine Arts giving me a trial...?!
Level Up
Japanese English
これ以上美しくなるなんて……自分が恐ろしいよ~! For me to become even more beautiful... I startle myself~!
Japanese English
Sun キミと一緒なら、ボクは芸術を極められると思うんだ! If it is with you, I will be able to master the fine arts!
Moon キミこそがボクの求めた美。さぁ、生きた芸術となろう! You are the beauty I seek. Now let's become a living work of art!
Friend's Page
Japanese English
マイスウィートハニーを知らないかい?すぐにボクの傍からいなくなるんだよ Do you know where My Sweet Honey went? She's always disappearing from me
Japanese English
ボクの芸術を皆に披露する時がやってきたようだね!! It seems the time has come for me to showcase my works of art to everyone!!
Japanese English
Battle Start 芸術の素晴らしさを、教えてあげよう I shall teach you about the brilliance of art!
Attack 美しく! Beautiful!
Recover ありがとう Thank you
Damage なんだと!? What?!
NICE がんばるキミの姿は、輝いてるよ! You shine when you do you best!
GREAT 芸術的な腕だ…キミにはやはり、才能がある! An artistic touch... As I thought, you do have a flair for it!
EXCELLENT 素晴らしい!これが、真の芸術だよ! Excellent! This is true art!
Skill Initial これが芸術だ! This is art!
Sun これこそ、キミと極めた芸術の技! This is the art technique I mastered with you!
Moon ボクの芸術には触れさせないよ I won't let you touch my arts
Fever 美しく、華やかに! Beautifully, gorgeously!
Turn End もっと、美しく Even more beautifully
Stage Clear 華麗な勝利をキミに A magnificent win to you
Result ほーら、ボクがいればこんなの簡単さ See? It's so easy if you have me here

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