Luke 「ルーク」(CV. Chounan Shouta) – Muse Prince (Land of Music)

Currently on a journey away from his country. Compared to his strict father, he doesn’t have confidence in himself. His music captivates everyone.

Motto: Doesn't have a motto which is motto-like
Hobby: Performing with musical instruments
Habit: Placing his hand above his chest when he is troubled
Likes: Quiet places such as at the lakeside, beautiful singing voices
Dislikes: Crowds, Tone-deaf singing voices

How to Acquire

  • During tutorial
  • Friend Coin Gacha


Type Gentle
Cost 1
Max Level 15
Limit Break Level 35
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 135 94 65
Max 391 191 133
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Song of Wanderings
Effect Destroys random pieces (very few)

Type Gentle
Rarity ★★
Cost 2
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 352 181 126
Max 610 263 183
Limit Break 732 316 220
Battle Skill Name Song of Bravery
Effect Destroys random pieces (few)

Type Gentle
Rarity ★★
Cost 2
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 352 181 126
Max 540 298 183
Limit Break 648 358 220
Battle Skill Name Song of Peace
Effect Destroys random pieces (few)

Awakening Requirements

Fairies Fairy Baby (green) x 2
Gold 2,500

Fairies Fairy Baby (green) x 2
Gold 2,500



Luke always lacks confidence and never stands out. One day he comes to you for advice on how to change himself. Can Luke gain confidence in himself or...?

Chapter Titles
Route Level Unlocked Title
Common 1 Luke's Worries
10 Luke's Wish
15 Luke's Training
Sun 1 Luke's Practice
30 Luke's Existence
Moon 1 Luke's Attempt
30 Luke's Resolve


Title Japanese English Change
Luke's Wish そんなことは That's not true Moon +10
確かに You're right Sun +10
Luke's Training 断る Decline Moon +5
付き合う Go along with him Sun +5
メディ Medi Moon +10
アヴィ Avi Sun +10


Top Page
Japanese English
Initial 私などを気遣ってくれるのですか。あなたは優しいですね You would worry about about someone like me? You are kind.
…曲を? 恥ずかしいですが、あなたがそうおっしゃるのなら… ...A tune? This is quite embarrassing but if you wish...
Sun あなたのために、奏でましょう。どんな曲がお望みですか? I shall play for you. What tune do you wish to hear?
あなたは、本当にまぶしい人ですね You are a truly bright person.
Moon ど、どうしたのです?そんなに触れられると… W-What is it? If you touch me that much...
こんな私でも、いいのですか? Are you all right with with me as I am?
Morning あ…おはようございます。あっいえ…あなたは、まぶしいですね Oh...Good morning. Ah it's nothing... You are really bright.
Midday 自分自身と向き合うこと…なんて難しいのでしょう。あなたはどう思いますか? Facing difficult it is. What do you think?
Night 今日も日が暮れましたね…私の旅は、いつまで続くのだろう… The sun has set again for today... I wonder until when will my journey continue...
Prince Top Page
Japanese English
私では、あなたのお役に立てるかどうか… I'm not sure whether I will be helpful...
Team Creation
Japanese English
皆さん、強い方達ばかりですね… They are all strong people...
Status Page
Japanese English
Initial 私に……頼られては、困ります It is troubling...if you rely on me
Sun 私に自信をくれたのは……あなたです The one who gave me my you.
Moon 貴方は、不思議な人だ…なぜ私に構うのですか? You are a strange person... Why do you bother with me?
Level Up
Japanese English
私は……強くなれたのでしょうか Have I...become stronger?
Japanese English
Sun 逃げちゃ、いけないんだ! I can't run away!
Moon 私は私のままでいいのですね。ありがとうございます It's okay if I stay like this right? Thank you.
Friend's Page
Japanese English
こんにちは。彼女が、あなたのことをいつも話していますよ Hello. She always talks about you.
Japanese English
いいんです、存在感のない私のことはお気になさらず… It is fine. You don't have to care about me who has no presence...
Japanese English
Battle Start 私に……できるでしょうか……!? Can I this...?!
Attack やっ Ya!
Recover 癒されました That was healing
Damage うっ! Ugh!
NICE 上手ですね。私も、頑張りますね You are good at this. I will do my best too.
GREAT 素敵です。たくさん練習したのでしょうね Wonderful. I'm sure you've practiced a lot.
EXCELLENT 素晴らしい…私には、絶対にできません Amazing... I would never be able to do that.
Skill Initial 自信はありませんが……やってみます! I'm not confident but...I will try!
Sun もう前の私ではない! I am no longer the past me!
Moon ありのままの自分で、私は生きていきます! I will live my life true to myself!
Fever 私にだって……! Even I can do this...!
Turn End ま、まだ終わらないのですか!? H-Hasn't it ended yet?!
Stage Clear 良かった… Thank god...
Result 無事に終わって、ほっとしました…… It's a relief it ended without difficulties...

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