Landa 「ランダ」(CV. Nakaya Kabuto) – Hinterland Prince (Undeveloped Land)

Son of the patriarch. He’s lively, simple-minded and is liked by children. He loves meat and is good at hunting. The way he speaks is a bit broken.

Motto: Know everything by scent (friend or foe, danger or safetly)
Hobby: Hunting
Habit: Tries to eat everything
Likes: Meat, Family
Dislikes: People who stink (enemies)

How to Acquire


Type Passion
Cost 1
Max Level 15
Limit Break Level 35
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 166 78 66
Max 404 188 134
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Nhialic Hand-chop
Effect Destroys pieces on the right (very few)

Type Passion
Rarity ★★
Cost 3
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 364 178 127
Max 606 281 177
Limit Break 727 337 212
Battle Skill Name Nhialic Kick Attack
Effect Destroys pieces on the right (few)

Type Passion
Rarity ★★
Cost 3
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 364 178 127
Max 582 270 193
Limit Break 698 324 232
Battle Skill Name Nhialic Sturdy Punch
Effect Destroys pieces on the right (few)

Awakening Requirements

Fairies Fairy Baby (red) x 2
Gold 2,500

Fairies Fairy Baby (red) x 2
Gold 2,500



Chapter Titles
Route Level Unlocked Title
Common 1 I've Waited!
10 Banquet, it Starts!
15 Fireworks, Pretty!
Sun 1 This, Take it!
30 Proof of Bride!
Moon 1 Everyone, Family!
30 You, Already Comrade!


Title Japanese English Change
Banquet, it Starts! ちょっと……近いです You're a little...too close Moon +2
ありがとうございます Thank you very much Sun +2
Fireworks, Pretty! びっくりしました…… That surprised me... Moon +3
ありがとうございます Thank you very much Sun +3
お友達になれて嬉しいです I'm happy I am a friend Moon +4
私もですよ Me too Sun +4


Top Page
Japanese English
Initial にく!にく、くいにいこう!オマエと食べる、楽しい! Meat! Let's go eat meat! Eating with you, fun!
オマエ、オレにさわる・・・オレ、どきどきする! You, touch me... Me, heart race
Sun どうした!?オレ、オマエ傷つけるヤツ、許さない! What's wrong?! I won't forgive people who hurt you!
だいじょうぶ!オレ、ここにいる! Don't worry! I'm here
Moon オマエ、いいにおい…もっと、近づく!いいか!? You, good smell... I go closer! Can I?!
いっしょに遊んだヤツ、友達!友達たすける、あたりまえ! Person play together, friend! Help friend, normal!
Morning あさだ!はやくおきて、狩りいこう!オレ上手! It's morning! Get up early, go hunting! Me good.
Midday くんくん…うまそうなにおい!おひるごはんか!? *Sniff sniff*... Yummy smell! Is it lunch?!
Night 月でたら、ねむる!あしたも、げんき!オマエげんき、オレうれしい! Moon come out, sleep! Tomorrow, good day! You feel good, me happy!
Prince Top Page
Japanese English
まってた!どこいく!?オレ、ついてく! I've waited! Where we go?! I follow!
Team Creation
Japanese English
たくさんいる!オレ、こんなのはじめて! Many here! This first time for me!
Status Page
Japanese English
Initial オレとオマエ、仲間!仲間、守る! You and me, friends! Friends, I protect!
Sun オマエ、オレによく触る。嫁だから? You, touch me a lot. Because you are wife?
Moon オマエ笑う、オレ嬉しい。 オレ笑う、オマエ嬉しいか? You laugh, me happy. Me laugh, are you happy?
Level Up
Japanese English
パワーアップ?なんだそれ、うまいのか? Power up? What's that? Yummy?
Japanese English
Sun オレ、決めた!オマエ、ヨメにする! I decided! I make you bride!
Moon オマエの匂い、大好き! Your smell, I like!
Friend's Page
Japanese English
アイツのトモダチ!なら、オレ、オマエともトモダチ! Her friend! Then me, your friend too!
Japanese English
いっぱい、楽しい!みんなで、にく、食うか!? A lot of people, fun! Everyone, eat meat?!
Japanese English
Battle Start 戦い、オレにまかせろ! Battle, leave to me!
Attack ウンガー! Ungaaaa!
Recover 傷、なおった! Injury, healed!
Damage うわっ! Uwa!!!
NICE オマエがんばる、オレ、かんしゃする! You try hard, me thank you!
GREAT オマエ、はやい!オレ、強くなる! You fast! I get stronger!
EXCELLENT オマエ、すごい!!きらきら、まぶしい! You great!! Shiny, blinding!
Skill Initial オレ、オマエら絶対倒す! Me, will defeat you all!
Sun オレの嫁に、手、出させない! My bride, won't let you touch!
Moon オレ、オマエ守る。絶対! I protect you. Definitely!
Fever ちから、わいてくる! Power, building up!
Turn End 全部、ブッ飛ばす! Everything, blow away!
Stage Clear ハラ減った~! I'm hungry~!
Result 食い物あったか!? Was there food?!

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