Character Info

建国祭までに、 完璧なレディに仕立てるから
I will turn you into a perfect lady before the Country's Founding Day comes
Type Cool
Country Belgant, the Land of Black Teas
VA Morikubo Shoutarou
Other Versions no data
The prince of the Land of Black Teas, Belgant. He has refined manners. He is very strict and proud regarding manners. He likes cleanliness and will not allow unhygienic people.
Motto Appearance is reflection of one's personality
Hobby Collecting mangas from various countries
Likes Spotless rooms, earl grey tea
Habit Bending backwards slightly when turning around
Dislikes Unhygienic people, ghosts
Sample Voice サンプルボイスの日本語文章
Translation of the Japanese sample voice

How to Acquire

  • Exchangeable through Ring Exchange for 400 Ring Fragments.

Stats & Awakening


Type Cool
Rarity ★★★★★
Cost 13
Max Level 60
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 528 398 367
Max 916 648 597
Limit Break 1,022 722 665
Leader Skill Name Manner lesson (マナー・レッスン)
Effect Increases everyone's attack by 20%
Battle Skill Name Belgamo's Fine Whip (ベルガモの細鞭)
Effect Randomly removes pieces (Extra large)


Type Cool
Rarity ★★★★★★
Cost 19
Max Level 70
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 825 615 567
Max 981 790 728
Limit Break
Leader Skill Name Knight's Kiss (ナイトのキス)
Effect Increases everyone's attack by 25%
Battle Skill Name Belgamo's Long Whip (ベルガモの長鞭)
Effect Randomly removes pieces (Extremely large)


Type Cool
Rarity ★★★★★★
Cost 17
Max Level 70
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 825 615 567
Max 1,017 935 662
Limit Break 1,114 915 726
Leader Skill Name Strategic Hug (策謀のハグ)
Effect Increases everyone's attack by 20% and HP by 5%
Battle Skill Name Belgamo's Thorn Whip (ベルガモの棘鞭)
Effect Randomly removes pieces, adds bomb

Awakening Requirements

Route Fairies Gold
Sun Gold Grimoire x2, Fairy Queen x1, Fairy Princess (Blue) x2, Fairy Lady (Blue) x1, Sun Fairy (Blue) x2 500,000
Moon Gold Grimoire x2, Fairy Queen x1, Fairy Princess (Blue) x2, Fairy Lady (Blue) x1, Moon Fairy (Blue) x2 500,000



Joshua respectfully meets you, who have been invited for Belgant's Founding Day.

However, during your welcome party you end up creating incident, and because of it he completely changes...?

Chapter Titles

Route Level Title
Initial 1 The Scent of Black Tea (紅茶の香り)
15 The Elegant World (優雅な世界)
30 Finger Bowl (フィンガーボウル)
40 The Night of Waking up from Dream (夢から覚める夜)
50 Manner Lessons (マナーレッスン)
60 Joshua's Black Tea (ジョシュアの紅茶)
Sun - Throbbing Chest (胸の高鳴り)
30 Cold Voice (冷たい声)
50 Crescent Moon and Black Tea (三日月と紅茶)
70 Sweet, and Cold... (甘く、冷たい……)
Secret Last Lesson (最後のレッスン)
Moon - Suspicious Smile (あやしい微笑み)
30 Sweet Trap (甘い罠)
50 Punishment (お仕置き)
70 Punishment and Reward (お仕置きとご褒美)
Secret Beloved Person? (愛しい人?)


Chapter Title Choice Result
The Elegant World (優雅な世界) Say your thanks (お礼を言う) Sun +10
Nod (頷く) Moon +10
Finger Bowl (フィンガーボウル) Smile back (微笑み返す) Moon +6
Get nervous and cannot eat (緊張して食べられない) Sun +6
I'm sorry (ごめんなさい) Moon +9
I will do it properly (ちゃんとします) Sun +9
The Night of Waking up from Dream (夢から覚める夜) Ask for forgiveness (お詫びをする) Sun +7
Blush (頬を染める) Moon +7
Look at his eyes (目を見つめる) Moon +8
I'll do my best (頑張ります) Sun +8
Manner Lessons (マナーレッスン) Stay silent and put your fork (黙ってフォークを置く) Moon +15
Say that you never learned it before (習ってないという) Sun +15
Joshua's Black Tea (ジョシュアの紅茶) Shake your head (ちがうと首を横にふる) Moon +20
Smile cheerfully (にっこりと微笑む) Sun +20


 Top Page

Japanese English
Initial マナーの指導なら、いつでもしてあげるよ。とびっきり厳しく、ね? If it's manner guidance, I will help you anytime. Very strictly, okay?
君さ、あんまりべたべた人に触るものじゃないよ Don't touch someone all over
Sun 自信持ちなよ。このオレが指導したんだから、ね Have confidence in yourself. Because I'm the one who taught you
そうゆうことしてると、勘違いされるって誰にも教えてもらわなかったの? Anyone would misunderstand if you do that. Did nobody tell you that?
Moon 今日もとびきり素敵だね。オレのお人形さん? You are lovely today, as always. My doll?
また、指導して欲しいのかな? You still want to teach you some more?
Morning おはよう…君はまたそうやって…髪の毛が乱れているよ? Good morning... Again, you... your hair is messy, you know
Afternoon 人目にさらされている以上、気を抜いちゃダメだ…君のことだよ Don't get careless when you are seen by other people.. this is for you
Night 今日もよくがんばったね…わかってるよ。君はいつもがんばり屋だよ You did well today... I know. You are a hardworker.

Prince Page

Japanese English
君さ、もう少し優雅に歩きなよ。もったいないよ…素材はいいんだから You.. try to walk more gracefully. It's such a waste... because the ingredient is good

Party Editor

Japanese English
オレを外そうなんて、考えちゃダメだよ? Don't even think of removing me, okay?


Japanese English
Initial オレがやり返しても、文句言わないでよ Don't complain even if I return the favor
Sun 君、後で覚えておきなよ You better remember this
Moon そんなに触らなくてもわかってるって。君は可愛いよ Even if you don't touch me this much, I already know. You are cute.

Level Up

Japanese English
強くなる。…悪くないね Getting stronger... this isn't bad


Japanese English
Sun オレに見合う女は君しかいない There is no women who can match me, except you
Moon これからも大事に磨いてあげるからね From now on, I will polish you even more


Japanese English
君、彼女に言ってあげてよ?もっとレディとして振舞うようにってさ You, do tell her to be more lady-like


Japanese English
あんまり乗り気がしないな。手が汚れそうだからね Not very interested. It seems that my hands will get dirty

Welcome Party

Japanese English
これはこれは…ご招待頂き、誠にありがとうございます Well, well.. thank you very much for the invitation


Japanese English
Puzzle Start 掃除は好きな方なんだ。任せてよ I like cleaning up. Leave this to me
Attack はっ! Ha!
Recovery 上出来だよ。ありがとう You did well. Thank you
Receive Damage
NICE 無駄がないように動くんだ I will not make unnecessary move
GREAT オレの言うことを聞いていれば幸せになれるよ If you listen to me you will be happy
EXCELLENT 胸を張って。大丈夫だから Be proud of yourself. It's alright
Skill Normal ここからが本番だよ Now I'm getting serious
Sun 君の努力を無駄にはしない。絶対に I won't let your help go to waste. Definitely.
Moon オレのものを傷つけるのは誰だ Who hurt something that is mine!
Fever 手加減しないよ I won't go easy on you
Turn end はあ……まだあるの? Haa.. they are still here?
Stage Clear 綺麗に片付くと、気持ちがいいなあ Cleaning up feels good
Result まあ……及第点だな Well.. it's a passing mark