Items help player playing through the game. Items can either be obtained in-game for free or bought at the Shop.

Fairy Stone

Fairy Stone (妖精石) is an important item in the game as it virtually allows the player to do almost everything in the game. Fairy Stones can be acquired through buying at the Shop or for free, as there are plenty of quests that will give Fairy Stones away for free.

Using the Fairy Stone

Fairy Stones are used in a wide range of field: at least five Fairy Stones are required to spin the Prince Gacha once, 50 Fairy Stones for ten spins of the Prince Gacha. One Fairy Stone is required to increase the total member a player can keep by five members. It also allows the player to recover their Stamina should they run out of the Fruit of Stamina. One Fairy Stone is required if the player wishes to continue should their party be wiped in a stage, restoring the party with full health and full skill bar.

Obtaining the Fairy Stone

Fairy Stones can be bought at the Shop with varying prices. The game currently offers omake for buying more than one Fairy Stones.