Character Info

どこに行こうが、俺の勝手だろ…… 一緒に来たいのか?
It's up to me where I go... Do you want to come with me?
Type Passion
Country Land of Snow, Snowphilia
VA Hosoya Yoshimasa
Other Versions no data
The second out of three princes of Snowphilia, the Land of Snow. He is skillful and do things coolly, but personality-wise he is awkward. He thinks of everyone without the blood of his country as below him and looks down on them.
Motto Doubt anyone who comes close
Hobby no data
Likes Gums
Habit no data
Dislikes Getting familiar with others
Sample Voice サンプルボイスの日本語文章
Translation of the Japanese sample voice

How to Acquire

  • Event Quest "Gift from Powder Snow" (パウダースノウの贈り物)
  • Drop Quest "Meeting the Prince" (王子様との出会い)

Stats & Awakening


Type Passion
Rarity ★★★★★
Cost 14
Max Level 60
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 628 360 352
Max 1,119 616 513
Limit Break
Leader Skill Name Loneliness of Flurry of Snow in a Clear Sky (風花の孤独)
Effect Increases HP and recovery of Passion type by 25%
Battle Skill Name Snowflake (雪片)
Effect Turns normal pieces into bomb pieces 4


Type Passion
Rarity ★★★★★★
Cost 20
Max Level 70
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 1,007 585 487
Max 1,309 720 600
Limit Break
Leader Skill Name The Secret of Flurry Snow in Clear Sky (風花の秘密)
Effect Increases HP and recovery of passion type by 30%
Battle Skill Name Snowflakes (雪花)
Effect Turns normal pieces into bomb pieces 5


Type Passion
Rarity ★★★★★★
Cost 20
Max Level 70
Limit Break Level
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 1,007 585 487
Max 1,365 751 549
Limit Break 1,529 841 615
Leader Skill Name Promise of Flurry Snow in Clear Sky (風花の契り)
Effect Increases HP of Passion type by 25% + recovery 25% / attack 15%
Battle Skill Name Deep snow (深雪)
Effect Turns normal pieces into bomb pieces 5

Awakening Requirements

Route Fairies Gold
Sun Gold grimoire x1, Sun fairy (red) x1, Fairy princess (flurry snow fairy) x1, Fairy queen x1 500,000
Moon Gold grimoire x1, Moon fairy (red) x1, Fairy princess (flurry snow fairy) x1, Fairy queen x1 500,000



Glacia treats you coldly. However, the more you spend time with him, the more you understand his kindness and troubles..?

What are his troubles? And, you and him...?

Chapter Titles

Route Level Title
Normal 1 The Eyes that Looks like Jewels (宝石のような瞳)
15 His Kindness (彼の優しさ)
30 The Place Where He Calms Down (彼の落ち着く場所)
50 Keen Eyes (鋭さを帯びた瞳)
60 Misunderstandings and Feelings (誤解と想い)
Sun - Town Gossip (街の噂)
30 Above the Frozen Lake (凍った湖の上で)
70 Under the Starry Sky (星空の下で)
Secret Kiss Under the Starry Sky (星空の下のキス)
Moon - Let's Go Home Together (一緒に帰ろう)
30 Call My Name (名前を呼ばれて)
70 His Attitude (彼の態度)
Secret Displayed Feelings (振り回される気持ち)


Chapter Title

Choice Result

His Kindness (彼の優しさ)

Thank you (ありがとう) Sun +8
I'm Sorry (ごめんなさい) Moon +8
The Place Where He Calms Down (彼の落ち着く場所) Admire quietly (静かに観賞する) Moon +5
Call him (声をかける) Sun +5
I can't...! (無理です…!) Sun +7
Never let your hand go! (絶対、手を離さないで下さい!) Moon +7
Keen Eyes (鋭さを帯びた瞳) Examine the situation (様子をうかがう) Moon +12
Keep talking (話を続ける) Sun +12
Misunderstandings and Feelings (誤解と想い) What do you mean? (どういうこと?) Sun +16
It's not like that at all (全然違うよ) Moon +16


Top Page

Japanese English
Initial 手が冷たいって……しょうがねえだろ My hands are cold, you say... I can't help it
俺に構うなよ。本当に変な奴だな… Don't mind me. You're a weird one...
Sun 仕方ねえな…ついてきてもいいけど、怪我すんなよ Alright then... you can come with me, but don't get hurt
いいぜ、また滑り方を教えてやるよ Okay, I'll teach you how to skate again
Moon お前は、勝手に俺のそばから離れるんじゃねえぞ Don't leave my side on your own
変なところでお前、鈍感なんだな You can be dense at times
Morning 朝から元気だなお前。転ぶんじゃねえぞ? You're so full of energy since morning. Don't fall down, okay?
Afternoon どこに行こうが、俺の勝手だろ……一緒に来たいのか? Where I'm going, it's my own business... do you want to come along?
Night もう暗いし、冷えるぞ。そんな格好で大丈夫か? It's getting dark and cold. Are you okay in those clothes?

Prince Page


まあ、兄さんと比較されてもね……気にしてねえよ Well, even if you compare me with older brother... I don't care

Party Editor


俺と行くって?……物好きなヤツ You're going with me?...... What a strange person


Japanese English
Initial 兄さんに用があるんじゃないのか?…えっ…俺に? Don't you have some business with Older Brother?.. Eh... with me?
Sun 何だよ、俺の事、もっと知りたいのか? What.. you want to know more about me?
Moon ……どうして、お前の笑った顔見ると、こんな気持ちになるんだ ...Why, when I look at your smiling face, I'm feeling this way

 Level Up

Japanese English
俺だって、もっと強くなれるんだ So even I can get stronger too


Japanese English
Sun なあ、お前のこと…もっと教えてくれよ Tell me more about yourself
Moon 勝手に俺の前からいなくなるんじゃねえぞ… Don't disappear from my sight on your own


Japanese English
今あいつここにいないぜ…しょうがないからあんたが来たって伝えとくよ Right now she's not here... it can't be help so I'll tell her that you've come


Japanese English
群れるのは、嫌いなんだよ……ちっ仕方ねえな I hate being in the crowd... tch, whatever

 Welcome Party

Japanese English
わあ~い♪ありがとう!モモちゃんも、すっごく喜んでるよ! Waa ♪ Thank you! Momo-chan is very happy too!


Japanese English
Puzzle Start 俺にかかれば一瞬だ If I get you it'll be over in an instant
Attack はぁっ! Haaaa!!!
Recovery この位平気だ This much is nothing
Receive Damage
NICE ふん。意外とやるじゃねえか Hm. Surprisingly you can do this
GREAT 結構やるな…ちょっと、見直した You're good at this.. My opinion about you changed, a little
EXCELLENT すげー…ちょっと悔しくなってきた Amazing... I'm getting a bit frustrated
Skill Normal 高潔なる雪の一族を…なめんじゃねぇ! Don't take the pure Snow Tribe lightly!
Sun 俺の事しか目に入らないようにしてやるよ I'll make it so that you only see me
Moon 勝手なことをするな!俺の傍にいろ Don't do things on your own! Stay beside me
Fever チャンスは見逃さない! I won't let this chance go away!
Turn end まだまだ終わらねえぞ It's not the end yet
Stage Clear ほら、完璧だっただろう See, it was perfect, wasn't it?
Result まあ、そこそこのもんはあるんだろう? Well, it's not bad, isn't it?

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