Gacha is a system in the game that allows the player to obtain princes otherwise unobtainable through enemy drops. The player may use Fairy Stones, Friend Coins or Ring Fragments to spin the gacha and obtain new princes.

Types of Gacha

The Gacha itself is divided into four types of gacha:

  1. Prince Gacha (プリンスガチャ): this gacha requires five Fairy Stones (妖精石) for one spin. Ten spins of this gacha require 50 Fairy Stones and guarantees at least one 4★ prince to come out from the spin. A 3★ prince is also a guaranteed drop from spinning this gacha less than ten times. It is also possible to use a Gacha Ticket to spin this gacha instead of using the Fairy Stones. 
  2. Ring Gacha (リングガチャ):  this gacha requires varying amount of Ring Fragments. It is also possible to use Fairy Stone and Gacha Ticket to spin this gacha instead. Ring Gacha allows player to exchange an amount of the fragments they've accumulated for items or princes obtainable for a limited time through the Exchange Ring Fragments button (リング交換所) at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Event Gacha (イベントガチャ): this gacha allows player to spin gacha using special coins available through certain events, called the Awakening Coin (めざめコイン).  Spinning this gacha for a certain amount of spin grants the player a particular prince that is unobtainable after the event ends. One spin of this gacha requires 200 Awakening Coins and ten spin of this gacha requires 2000 Awakening Coins.
  4. 'Friend Gacha '(フレンドガチャ): this gacha requires 200 Friend Coins per spin and 2000 Friend Coins for ten spins. This gacha grants the player generic princes, namely the 1★ and 2★ princes. This gacha also allows the player to obtain a training partner. Friend Coins are obtainable through battles.

Princes Obtainable Through Gacha

Almost all the princes are obtainable through gacha, minus some of their event versions. There are also event princes obtainable only through the Prince Gacha or the Ring Gacha, the list is accessible here .