• Community Menu (when you're not in a community)
  • How to create a community using the settings.
  • How to search for a community using the settings.
  • Let communities find and send you invites using these settings.
  • Community Place (when you're in a community)
  • Community Menu (when you're in a community). Note that some of these settings can be utilised only by the creator of the community.

Community lets you find/join a community or to check your current community progress as well as chat with your members. 

It is not compulsory to join a community, however it does give a lot of benefits.

  • During point events, you can get community rewards as well as a boost in the points you earn. 
  • You can get free items every several hours from the Item Fountain.
  • Levelling up your facilities unlocks special prince stories from time to time. When princes visit your community, they can reward you with items. 

*Refer to the slideshow above.

To create a community, tap on 設立 where you will have a form to fill out.

  1. Insert in a community name (can be in Japanese and/or English).
  2. Select a community policy which basically dictates your community's approach to the game (how serious you are with the game). The policies to choose from are:
    1. Laid-back (まったり) - extremely casual, no need to play a lot
    2. So-so (ぼちぼち) - playing here and there
    3. Average (こつこつ) - playing most events, logging in almost everyday
    4. Hardcore (がっつり) - logging in every single day, constantly playing every event, ranking up a lot
  3. Approval settings let’s you choose whether you want people to join automatically or freely (自動承認) or whether you want to manually approve them first (手動承認).
  4. Explanatory text lets you write a brief description about your community.
  5. Tap 設立する to create and start your community!

To search for a community, tap on 探す where you will have a form to fill out.

  1. Insert in a community name (can be in Japanese and/or English), or leave it blank if you wish to just browse through communities.
  2. Select a community policy (explained above).
  3. Joining settings has the same options as approval settings (explained above) so you can join a community that let's you join automatically or one that must approve you first.
  4. Tap search!

To let communities find you and send you invites, tap on 勧誘してもらう.

  1. Select a community policy (explained above).
  2. Select your favourite prince (listed in alphabetical order).
  3. Wait for invites! To check whether you received any invitations from community, tap on 勧誘一覧.