Cohen 「コーエン」(CV. Ookuma Kenta) – Landalucia Prince (Land of Passion)

A passionate man who tries to seduce women the moment he sees them. He loves women like princesses, whispering words of love. His passion burns.

Motto Women are all princesses
Hobby: Having fun with women
Habit: Buying roses
Likes: Females
Dislikes: Males

How to Acquire

  • Friend Coin Gacha


Type Gentle
Rarity ★★
Cost 5
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 196 145 123
Max 433 305 258
Limit Break 520 365 309
Battle Skill Name I’ll show you I’ll satisfy you ♪
Effect Destroys pieces at the bottom (very few)

Type Gentle
Rarity ★★★
Cost 5
Max Level 40
Limit Break Level 60
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 390 289 245
Max 545 429 363
Limit Break 643 506 428
Battle Skill Name Become mine ♪
Effect Destroys pieces at the bottom (medium)

Type Gentle
Rarity ★★★
Cost 5
Max Level 40
Limit Break Level 60
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 390 289 245
Max 610 384 363
Limit Break 720 453 428
Battle Skill Name Prepare yourself ♪
Effect Destroys pieces at the bottom (medium)

Awakening Requirements

Fairies Grimoire x 1, Sun Fairy (Green) x 1
Gold 50,000

Fairies Grimoire x 1, Moon Fairy (Green) x 1
Gold 50,000



The moment you awaken Cohen he starts whispering words of love to you. Troubled, what is it you suggest to him...? Does he go along with the suggestion or does he...?

Chapter Titles
Route Level Unlocked Title
Common 1 Amore
15 Shared Room
30 Compatibility
Sun 1 Treating as a Friend
40 As a Friend
Moon 1 It's Impossible
40 Land of Passion


Title Japanese English Change
Shared Room 待ってください! Please wait! Sun +2
何も言えない There's nothing I can say Moon +2
Compatibility そういうことではなくて! That's not the point! Sun +3
答えない I can't answer. Moon +3
やめてください Please stop Moon +4
説得を試みる Try to persuade him Sun +4


Top Page
Japanese English
Initial どうしたんだい、子猫ちゃん?俺に撫でてほしいのかい? What's wrong, Kitten? Do you want me to pat you?
おや?寂しいのかい?困った子だね…… Oh? Are you feeling lonely? What a troubling girl...
Sun キミが隣にいれば、他に何もいらないよ As long as you're here, I don't need anything else
キミは子猫ちゃんなんかじゃないね。俺の心を惑わす、小悪魔だ… You're no kitten are you? You're a little devil who seduces my heart.
Moon そんなに触れなくても、俺はキミに夢中だよ? I'm already crazy about you even if you don't touch me that much.
……イタズラする子には、お仕置きが必要だね ...For cheeky girls, punishment is necessary.
Morning おはよう、子猫ちゃん。今日も最高に可愛いよ Morning, Kitten. You're super cute today as well.
Midday さあ、俺の手を取って? エスコートしますよ、お姫様 Now, take my hand. I'll escort you, Princess.
Night こんなに綺麗な夜だから、キミとデートしないわけにはいかないよ It's such a beautiful night. There's no way I wouldn't go on a date with you.
Prince Top Page
Japanese English
やあ、子猫ちゃん!言わなくてもわかってるよ、俺に会いに来たんだろう? Hey, Kitten! I know, even if you don't say anything. You came to see me right?
Team Creation
Japanese English
なんだこのムサい所は?2人きりになろうよ What's with this foul place? Let's be alone together.
Status Page
Japanese English
Initial ダーリンって呼ぶまで振り向かないよ I won't turn around until you call me "Darling".
Sun 運命か…。その言葉を、信じる気持ちになれたよ Fate, huh... I feel like believing in that word now.
Moon わかったよ子猫ちゃん!今日はずっと、キミの隣にいるよ I got it, Kitten! I'll stay by your side all day today.
Level Up
Japanese English
汗臭いのは嫌いだが、君が喜んでくれるなら悪い気はしないよ I hate smelling sweaty but if it makes you happy it doesn't feel too bad.
Japanese English
Sun キミは俺を夢中にさせる…罪な子だ You are a sinful girl...who made me crazy about you.
Moon 女性は皆、お姫様さ All women are princesses.
Friend's Page
Japanese English
こんにちは、マドモアゼル。俺の子猫ちゃんが、世話になっているようだね Hello, Mademoiselle. It seems my Kitten has been in your good care.
Japanese English
さあ、二人の愛の巣を作ろうじゃないか Well, why don't we create our love nest?
Japanese English
Battle Start デートの邪魔、しないで欲しいなぁ I wish you wouldn't interrupt our date
Attack そーれっ So~re!
Recover 子猫ちゃん、ありがと Thank you Kitten
Damage やだねえ That sucks
NICE キミのペースでいいんだよ Just go at your own pace.
GREAT いいね……素敵だよ、お姫様 Great...Brilliant, Princess.
EXCELLENT ご褒美をあげなきゃね。キミは、素晴らしいよ I have to give you a reward. You are amazing.
Skill Initial 俺は女性の相手しかしたくないんだが I don't really want to deal with people other than women
Sun 真面目にやってみるよ、君のためにね I'll try to take this seriously, for your sake.
Moon 女性を口説くのは、男としての礼儀だよ! As a man, flirting with women is courtesy!
Fever キミへの情熱が、燃え上がる…! My passion for you is burning up...!
Turn End 怪我なんかしちゃ、ダメだよ? Don't get hurt okay?
Stage Clear 終わったね!さ、デートしよう It's over! Now, let's go on a date.
Result 嬉しそうなキミを見ると、俺も嬉しいよ Seeing you happy makes me happy too.