Challenge lets you compare your scores to your friends and communities as well as rank your title and earn yourself rewards. Playing one challenge consumes one orb and you get a total of three orbs maximum which replenish every hour. You can get more orbs when your friends send you orbs and in return, you can send orbs to your friends (by tapping on the orb next to their name). When friends send you orbs, you can tap the chest icon to collect them.

There are two main modes of score challenge: normal challenge and special challenge and they both differ by the yumekui you encounter.


The gamplay is exactly same except your main objective is to get the highest score. The yumekui are extremely weak so you’ll easily defeat them, but challenges are made for you to focus on just dishing out as many combos and damage as you can. The more damage you deal using combos, combs and skills, the higher your final score will be. Below is a list of how scores are calculated [1]

  • Longer chain combos (maximum number of chains x 1000)
  • Attacking enemy's weakness (number of attacks x 5,000)
  • Bombs (number of bombs used x 5,000)
  • HP Recovery (total recovery points x 10)
  • Skills (number of skills used x 5,000)
  • Damage (damage inflicted x 10)

Normal Challenge

Normal Challenge is the default mode where yumekui are random types. A team of different prince types will be effective here.

'Special' Challenge

'Special' Challenge is the mode where all yumekui will be only one type. The yumekui type in this challenge changes daily and follows a fixed order regardless of what day it is:

Passion (パッション) → Cool(クール) → Gentle (ジェントル) → Cute (キュート) → Sexy (セクシー) → Passion (パッション)

For example, a challenge that is titled 「キュート・チャレンジ」means that all yumekui will be cute types so sexy princes will be prove to be the most effective. The strengths and weaknesses of each type are listed below.

  • Red: strong against Green, weak against Blue
  • Blue: strong against Red, weak against Green
  • Green: strong against Blue, weak against Red
  • Yellow: strong and weak against Purple
  • Purple: strong and weak against Yellow

Between Normal and Special challenge, it is much easier to score higher in the Special challenge as you get higher bonus points if you use a whole team of the same type.

Triple Orb Challenge

Triple Orb Challenge mode usually appears for a limited time during special events and/or campaigns only. It's the exact same as Normal Challenge, except it requires three orbs instead of one as this mode triples your rank points and the amount of wood and gold you earn. The higher the score, the more materials you get. You can use the wood to feed and level up Community buildings.


There is no ultimate prize for topping your community or friend's scores but there are set rewards.

  • 1 million points or more – one expert trainer (random colour) and 10,000 gold.
  • 2 million points or more – two expert trainers (random colours) and 20,000 gold.
  • 3 million points or more – one master trainer and 30,000 gold.

Today's Mission

Below the screen, there is a small section where it tells you what your mission is today. Your mission changes daily and completing them will earn you 10 ring shards which can be used in the ring exchange or the ring gacha.

There are four mission types and they're basically the same for everyone:

  • Orbs (オーブを10回送信) - Send an orb to 10 of your friends.
  • Pieces (ピース1,200個消す) - Destroy 1200 pieces in challenge (approximately 3-4 games).
  • Score (合計500万スコア) - Achieve an accumulated score of 5 million points.
  • Play (プレイ6回) - Play the challenge 6 times.