Carlo 「カルロ」(CV. Yano Tomoya) – Litoria Prince (Land of Study)

He has a confident and unyielding personality. He wants to leave the Bourgeois lifestyle and live life as a punk. He is weak to being called “cool”.

Motto: Don't follow what everyone else is doing!
Hobby: Band gigs
Habit: Always tries to talk with onomatopoeia
Likes: Noise
Dislikes: Refined things

「オマエ、いい声してんだな!なあ、オレのバンドで歌ってくれよ!」 "You've got a nice singing voice! Hey, why don't you sing for my band!"

How to Acquire

  • Friend gacha
  • Free quests
    • Alstoria (アルストリア)
      • Alstoria Castle Town (アルストリア城下町)
      • Dark Forest (暗闇森)
      • Verdant Town (緑豊かな街)
    • Fairberg (フェアベルク)
      • Fairberg Castle (フェアベルク城)
      • Lake Town (湖の街)
      • Water Town (水の街)
    • Koubai Country (紅梅国)
      • Town of Early Summer Breeze (風薫る町)
    • Mei (メイ)
      • Rain Mist Town (雨霧の街)
      • Town Where Rain Doesn’t Stop (雨が止まない街)


Type Cool
Cost 1
Max Level 15
Limit Break Level 35
Stats HP Attack Recovery
Initial 135 80 86
Max 390 162 173
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Vicious Play
Effect Changes on random piece into a bomb

Type Cool
Cost 3
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recover
Initial 351 154 165
Max 609 224 239
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Vicious Play
Effect Changes one random piece into a bomb

Type Cool
Cost 3
Max Level 30
Limit Break Level 50
Stats HP Attack Recover
Initial 351 154 165
Max 586 244 229
Limit Break - - -
Battle Skill Name Vicious Play
Effect Changes one random piece into a bomb

Awakening Requirements

Fairies Fairy Baby (blue) x 2
Gold 2,500

Fairies Fairy Baby (blue) x 2
Gold 2,500



You are being dragged by the super confident and unyielding Carlo, experiencing different musical instruments and music. Will you become a band member like he wishes, or...? 

Chapter Titles
Route Level Unlocked Title
Common 1 Being Pulled By Your Hand 
10 Live a Punk Life!
15 Music is Infinite
Sun 1 Piano Lesson
30 Follow the Piano Tune
Moon 1 Feel the Punk!
30 Let's Punk!


Title Choice (JP) English Change
Like a Punk Life!  楽しいですね This is fun right? Sun +2
よくわかりません I don't understand at all Moon +2
Music is Infinite 無理です It's useless Moon +3
はい Yes Sun +3
私も弾けるかな I wonder if I can play too Sun +4
もっと聞きたいな I want to hear more Moon +4


Top Page
Japanese English
Initial 王子なんてダッセーよ!オレはパンクに生きたいんだ! Princes are lame! I wanna lead a punk life!
オマエ、いい声してんな!なあ、オレのバンドで歌ってくれよ! You have a great voice! Hey sing for my band!
Sun オレがオマエに音楽というものを教えてやる! I'll teach you what music is!
ピアノの連弾?おう、やろうぜ!…ちょ、ちょっと近すぎじゃねぇか!? A piano duet? Yeah, let's do it! ...W-wait aren't you too close?!
Moon オレは城へは戻らねえ!オマエ入れて、パンクバンドでやってきたいんだ I won't go back to the castel! I wanna go on playing in punk band with you as a member!
オマエはすげーよ…でも俺は惚れないぜ!オマエが俺に惚れろ! You're awesome... But I won't fall for you! You'll fall for me!
Morning やっと起きてきたか!さ、バンド練習するぞ! You finally woke up! Alright, let's go to band practice!
Midday なあ、オレのバンドに入れよ!オマエとだったら世界を変えれる気がするんだ! Hey, join my band! I get a feeling if it's us two, we can change the world!
Night ゆっくり寝ろよ!バンドメンバーの体調管理も、オレの仕事だ! Get a good rest! Looking after my band member's health is my job too!
Prince Top Page
Japanese English
おっ!やっとバンド入る気になったか!?…なんだ、違うのかよ! Ooh! Have you finally decided to join my band? ...What you haven't?
Team Creation
Japanese English
こいつら、オレのバンドに入りたいのか!? Do these guys wanna join my band?!
Status Page
Japanese English
Initial なっ…なんだっ!?やっとバンドに入る気になったのか!? W-What?! Have you finally decided to join my band?!
Sun クラシックでも民謡でも、オマエが好きならオレが弾いてやるよ Classics or folk songs, if you like them I'll play them for you.
Moon なっ!俺に触れるんじゃなくて、楽器を触ってくれよ Wha-?! Don't touch me, pick up an instrument!
Level Up
Japanese English
また一段と熱くなったぜ! I've gotten even more fired up again!
Japanese English
Sun パンクだけじゃねえ、音楽は全部俺の力さ! Not just punk but all music is my strength!
Moon パンクの力は世界を揺るがす! The power of punk shakes the world!
Friend's Page
Japanese English
アイツの知り合いか!?なら、オレ達のライブを見に来いよ!なっ! Are you her friend?! Then come see our live! Yeah?!
Japanese English
よーーっし!全員でバンドやろうぜ! All right! Let's all form a band!
Japanese English
Battle Start さあ、ライブの始まりだ! Okay, it's the start of our live!
Attack おりゃー! Oryaaa!
Recover いい感じだ Pretty good
Damage 痛くねーし! It doesn't hurt!
NICE いいじゃん!テンション上げてこーぜ! Great! Let's get things hyped up!
GREAT オマエのアツイ魂、受け止めたぜ! I've felt your passionate soul!
EXCELLENT サイッコーじゃねぇか!しびれちまうぜ! That's super! I got the shivers!
Skill Initial どんな奴も、俺のギターに聞き惚れろ! No matter who you are, be captivated by guitar!
Sun イカしたチューン、聞かせてやるよ! I'll play a tune that's alive for you!
Moon 俺のパンクは全てを破壊するぜ! My punk music will destroy everything!
Fever フィーバーターイム! Fever time!
Turn End 次のセッションへ行こうぜ! Let's go to the next session!
Stage Clear サイッコーのギグだったな! That was the best gig ever, yeah?
Result アンコールはあるんだろうな? There's an encore right?

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