Current Campaign

3 Million Download Campaign (300万DL記念キャンペン)

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Thank you for 3,000,000 downloads! There will be five big campaigns for commemorating this milestone starting from 5/28 (Saturday)!

  • Royal Gacha is now available! Roll the gacha twenty times for 100 Fairy Stones and one 5★ is a guaranteed result! The Gacha will yield twenty princes. Note, however, that event princes are not available in this gacha. The gacha will be available from 5/28 until 6/3.
  • Log in each day for ten days to receive a Fairy Stone!
  • A special quest to obtain Million Training Partner is available starting from 5/30! This training partner will give a prince 1,000,000 EXP. If the prince's attribute is Cute, the training partner will give the prince 1,500,000 EXP! The quest is accessible through the Moon Garden.
  • There will be another run of Fairies Festival with halved Stamina starting from 5/30! Players will be able to collect all the fairies without having to wait for their respective day to access the quest. The quest is accessible through the Moon Garden.
  • Running Training Quests will cost half of the needed Stamina!

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