Awakening screen

An Awakening screen. The unavailable fairies are shown to be blacked out. The amount of gold required is at the bottom of the screen. The player may also see their progress through the prince's level and their story at the lefthand side of the bottom screen.

Awakening (覚醒) is a game mechanic that allows the player to unlock a new version of the princes. Awakening is divided into two versions, namely the Sun (太陽) and the Moon (月) awakenings that require different fairies the player must collect through running the daily quest.

Triggering the Awakening

The player must have the prince's level at maximum and have seen all the prince's stories. If the player has upgraded the prince by training the prince with the same prince, the player must also max the prince's level. Awakening can be accessed through the Prince (王子) button and by pressing the Awakening (覚醒) button at the right side of the screen. Princes that can be Awakened will have the borders around them shine.

The player must have an adequate amount of gold and have gathered the necessary fairies to awaken the prince. The amount of gold needed and the necessary fairies vary depending on the prince's rarity.

Once a prince has been Awakened, their level will reset to the beginning (level 1) and their level cap will be raised by ten levels, however, their Affection level will be kept. Also, once a prince has been Awakened a player may advance in their story and will obtain two types of endings, depending on which Awakening they pick.

Sun and Moon Awakening

Each prince has two versions of Awakening, namely the Sun Awakening (indicated at the left-hand side of the screen) and the Moon Awakening (indicated at the right-hand side of the screen). The balance at the center of the screen shows the player what kind of Awakening they will obtain and this balance can be altered by items such as Drops of Sun (太陽のしずく) and Drops of Moon (月のしずく). Each time the player selects an option in the prince's story, the choices they pick will also alter the balance, adding a certain amount of point to the sun or the moon side.

The Sun and Moon Awakenings primarily differs in artwork, as the same prince with different Awakenings has completely different artworks. The Awakenings also grants different statuses to the prince, such as their starting and max HP, Attack and Recovery. The Awakening also grants different ending, so if the player wants to achieve both Sun and Moon Endings, they will have to start fresh and train the same prince from the beginning.

Obtaining the Fairies

The fairies needed to awaken the prince can be obtained through daily quests as listed here. Generally, a prince requires a Grimoire, a Fairy Baby/Lady and Sun/Moon Fairies. 4★ and 5★ princes generally require an additional Fairy Princess and a 5★ prince requires a Fairy Queen. For event princes, they also require Fairies obtainable only through the event, which means if the player misses the specific Fairy needed to Awaken the prince they may not be able to Awaken the prince forever except if there is another chance to obtain the Fairy.