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The prince's affection level can be viewed at the lefthand side, left to the Level bar.

Affection Limit Break (愛情突破) is a game mechanic that allows the player to unlock the Secret Story of the princes and raises the prince's level cap.

Leveling Up Affection Limit

All the princes come with an Affection Limit which can be raised up to level 4. To raise a prince's Affection Limit, the player must train the prince with the same prince, thus initiating the Affection Limit Break. Affection Limit Break at least level 2 is required to unlock a prince's Secret Story if available.

The player may also use a Love Up Training Partner (ラブアップ教育係) to increase the prince's Affection Limit Break.

The Affection Limit Break level will be carried over once the player Awakens a prince.

For the princes whose Affection Limit Break has reached level 4, the stars indicating their rarity will change to pink and when the player views his prince screen, the background will change. For those who have read their Secret Story, a pink heart will appear at the lower right of the prince's icon.

Advantage of Leveling Up Affection Limit

The most advantageous part of breaking the Affection Limit is the raising the prince's level cap, meaning that the player can level up the princes over their maximum level cap, which in turn will raise the prince's HP, Attack and Recovery even more. Levelling up Affection Limit will also raise the prince's Battle Skill level, allowing the player to initiate the skills quicker.